Algorithmic Transparency Standard

The Algorithmic Transparency Standard is a set of shared categories of information that cities can use to help people understand how the algorithms used in local administrations work, and what their purpose is. It also allows people to compare different algorithms within and across cities. This standard supports documenting decisions and assumptions for both management of artificial intelligence (AI) governance and provide meaningful transparency in a standardized way.

“Trustworthy Cities: Ethics in the AI Era” Documentary

Premiered on 15th November 2022, at the Smart City Expo World Congress, the documentary addresses the main challenges associated with the ethical governance of artificial intelligence in urban settings.

Europa: el avance en lo digital a expensas de Asia y EEUU

Anuario Internacional CIDOB 2021 – Claves para Interpretar la Agenda Global: Nuevas Tecnologías Disruptivas, ¿Riesgo o Oportunidad? (Parte 1).

AI & Cities: Risks, Applications and Governance

This report is part of UN-Habitat’s strategy for guiding local authorities in realizing a people-centered digital transformation process in their cities and settlements. Produced in collaboration with Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, the report explores potential applications and discusses risks to assist governments in the appropriate and responsible use of AI in cities. Practical recommendations are also presented as well as areas of action to consider when developing an AI strategy.

EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

On 8 April 2019, the High-Level Expert Group on AI presented Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. This followed the publication of the guidelines’ first draft in December 2018 on which more than 500 comments were received through an open consultation.

The Fairness Handbook (Amsterdam Geemente)

Introduction to algorithmic fairness and bias in data and/or algorithms that provides a “Fairness Pipeline”, a step-by-step plan to evaluate a model for biases and to mitigate these problems.

Government AI Readiness Index 2021

The 2021 AI Readiness Index, ranks 160 countries by how prepared their governments are to use AI in public services.

The AI Index Report 2022

The AI Index is an independent initiative at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), led by the AI Index Steering Committee, an interdisciplinary group of experts from across academia and industry. The annual report tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data relating to artificial intelligence.

Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

In November 2021, the 193 Member States at UNESCO’s General Conference adopted the Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, the very first global standard-setting instrument on the subject. It will not only protect but also promote human rights and human dignity, and will be an ethical guiding compass and a global normative bedrock allowing to build strong respect for the rule of law in the digital world.

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