‘The dark side of urban artificial intelligence: addressing the environmental and social impact of algorithms’- international seminar

CIDOB’s Global Cities Programme with the support of the Barcelona City Council organises an international seminar on the dark side of AI with key stakeholders on 19th June 2023 (4:00-6:00 p.m.).

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the biggest hype topics of the year, also in the urban world. And not without good reason: AI is widely perceived as a valuable tool to address the most important challenges of our societies, including dealing with the climate emergency. The potential uses of AI applications are extensive and varied, ranging from enhancing resource usage efficiency, improving transportation and urban planning effectiveness, or providing more personalized urban services. AI is also the driving force behind the green and digital transition promoted by cities worldwide. Yet, while we tend to imagine the digital as something ethereal, limitless, dematerialised and neutral, there are significant social and environmental costs associated with the growing reliance of our societies on AI systems.  

More info soon.