New version of Procurement Clauses of AI

Living-in.EU  is glad to announce the finalisation of the EU model contractual AI Clauses to use in procurements of AI and invites public organisations to pilot them and give the AI community feedback on their use. The clauses are developed for pilot use in the procurement of AI with the aim to establish responsibilities for trustworthy, transparent, and accountable development of AI technologies between the supplier and the public organisation.

This work has been supported by the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT), the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, and SMEs (DG GROW), Living-in.EU – an EU-funded project, supporting digital transformation of public authorities across Europe, and Pels Riicken, a Dutch legal firm.

This work has been organised in the context of Living-in.EU, in particular the Legal and Financial subgroup.